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Watch Siku, the cutest baby polar bear ever

What better way to spend two hours than with Denmark’s live “Polar Bear Cam”?


Jordan Valinsky


If you’re having the worst day ever, here is live video of a baby polar bear frolicking in Denmark.

For two hours a day, you can watch Siku do polar bear things, like scratch at the ground, float in the pool, and just look adorable. Just make sure you don’t say “Awwww” too loudly and draw the attention of your boss.

Siku was born at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark on Nov. 22, 2011, and her name means “sea ice” in Eskimo and Inuit languages. The video’s purpose is to bring awareness that wild polar bears are threatened by global warming, which is melting ice in their natural habitats and making the hunt for food increasingly difficult.

Well, that’s depressing! Quick, watch Siku continually trip over herself.

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