pizza boomerang

A Spanish-language TV commercial featuring a muscular superhero, blood and violence, and a boomerang pizza is grabbing some attention today.

Can the Internet handle the most epic faux pizza commercial to ever exist?

“Pizza Boomerang” sat quietly in the annals of YouTube obscurity for almost a month. Today, a redditor discovered the madness that is “Pizza Boomerang,” and subsequently unleashed it on the social news site along with the rest of the Internet, in a thread called “best pizza commercial ever.

The ad begins with a muscular man, a superhero named Von Boomerang, brooding on a planet overlooking Earth.

Von Boomerang, the protagonist of this ad, looks into a crystal ball at pained Earthlings. The narration (in Spanish) begins.  Loosely translated by the Daily Dot’s Fernando Alfonso III, the disembodied voice explains, “In the beginning of time, control over fire distinguished men from beasts,” but since, this control has led to the burning of mankind’s tongues.

This is where the Pizza Boomerang comes in. Thrown by Von Boomerang,  the Pizza Boomerang flies over to planet Earth, wherein it saves three people: one man rethinks suicide after sniffing the pleasing bouquet; the pizza then takes bloody revenge on a man who flashes a woman in the park; and finally a man who is about to indulge in a gooey, gross-looking octopus on a barbecue switches instead to sumptuous boomerang pizza.

Be warned, the commercial contains some very not-safe-for-work, possibly not-safe-for-life, footage of a bloody severed penis (the punishment for the flasher).

Sofa Experience Communications, a Spanish production company responsible for various creative ads and music videos, uploaded the short film onto YouTube on December 21. Since the video’s discovery by the social news site Reddit, the views have remained frozen at 31,009. But the comments and “likes” keep rolling in, so at least YouTube has broken temporarily.

“… Pizza cutting off a dick has made my day” wrote PinuyashaRPG on YouTube.

Redditors were equally delighted by the severed penis, with the top comment being “He ate a pizza that had severed penis blood all over it.

Besides the shock at the dismembered member, most Internet citizens were at a loss for words.

“WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH???? O_O” commented Devdragon66 on YouTube.

If the video does spread further, students  of viral phenomena can add another criteria to their heavily researched list: severed schlongs. 

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