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This dude reviewed the worst restaurant in his city—and it is indeed a tragedy

The lobster looks like a turkey leg you’d find at the annual renaissance fair.


Josh Katzowitz


Published Nov 6, 2018   Updated May 21, 2021, 2:22 am CDT

YouTuber PhilipSoloTV probably knew he’d made a mistake when he pulled the lobster out of the tin foil from his to-go meal, and it looked like a turkey leg you’d find at the local renaissance fair. He took a whiff of the seafood and said, “Wow, that smells absolutely disgusting. I’m fucking terrified.”

The plan for PhilipSoloTV’s latest video was to order food from the worst-reviewed restaurant in his town. (Though he wouldn’t name the restaurant or town, it is somewhere in the massive swath that is Canada, he said.) The YouTuber has about 6,600 subscribers, but the sheer chutzpah behind this vlog compelled more than 350,000 people to watch it as of this writing, and to make it go viral on Reddit the day after it was uploaded.

Before he ordered, PhilipSoloTV filmed himself reading the reviews of the 1.5-star rated establishment.

“The pizza was cold and uncooked,” he read from one review.

From another, it said, “This place is disgusting.” And yet another declared, “The meat provided was gray and hard.”

(As an aside, if you’re ordering food from a restaurant that serves both pizza and lobster, it’s probably best not to get your hopes up high for a good meal.)

He traveled to the restaurant and ordered a Donair (basically a spicy beef pita wrap), a cup of French onion soup, and the lobster with fries. As he drove home, he reported, “I can smell the lobster already. And it’s not a pleasant aroma.”

When he finally unwrapped his meal, he didn’t seem disappointed by the Donair or the garlic toast. But when he sipped the French onion soup, he said, “Yech, I don’t know about this.”

And then it was time for the main event—the turkey leg-looking lobster. Before taking a bite, he commented that the fries that were in the same box as the wrapped lobster now “smell like a diaper.”

We won’t spoil his reaction when he takes a bite, but we can tell you that his only good idea came after he began eating. “I’m about to go cry in the shower,” he said. Yet, as we see at the very end of the video, that idea doesn’t take away the stench of what he had just experienced.

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*First Published: Nov 6, 2018, 9:19 am CST