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‘The Lego Movie’ director had the perfect response to his Oscar snub

Singing the theme song won’t help us now.


Michelle Jaworski


Everything is not awesome. Everything is not cool.

The list of Oscar nominations are out, and among all of the congratulatory tweets and Dick Poop jokes, we have the snubs. Lots of people will be talking about the acting and directing snubs for Selma, but a world-building film is notably missing from the list: The Lego Movie.

Sure, “Everything Is Awesome” got the nomination for Best Original Song, but where is the nomination for Best Animated Feature?

Naturally, people are upset about it. They’re not exactly sure why it got snubbed, but they’ve gone to Twitter to vent about it.

The Lego Movie lost the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature Film to How to Train Your Dragon 2 on Sunday, but at least it was nominated. And although the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards are voted on by different committees, many of the nominations overlap.

Someone, however, had an even better idea. The Lego Movie didn’t get nominated, but it’s The Lego Movie. Surely someone could put those Lego to use, right?

Did Philip Lord, one of The Lego Movie’s directors, see that suggestion on Twitter before following through on that tweet?

Lord and Miller may not have an Oscar nomination under their belt, but after The Lego Movie made more than $257 million domestically at the box office (with sequels on the way), they’re rolling in the blocks and dough.

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