Here’s what Hugh Jackman will look like next summer in Warner Bros.’ ‘Pan’

Levi Z. Miller and Hugh Jackman in Pan Movie

This one doesn’t involve singing or Allison Williams.

Peter Pan is so hot right now.

With NBC’s musical version starring Allison Williams on the horizon, there’s another take at the classic children’s story coming from Warner Bros. coming July 17. Pan will take a twist on Peter’s origin story, tapping Hugh Jackman as the villainous pirate Blackbeard, who kidnaps young wartime orphans, including Pan, played by Levi Miller. 

The Captain Hook we all know and loathe is not gone for good, however, but is instead an “Indian Jones-like figure” played by Garrett Hedlund. Overall the film takes J.M. Barrie’s Neverland and turns it on its head.

Entertainment Weekly has a first look at some of the characters, from Jackman’s Blackbeard to Miller’s Peter. 

Laurie Sparham

Laurie Sparham

The vibe is definitely more fantastical than the press photos released for Williams’ version. Hopefully audiences won’t be worn out by Peter Pan’s adventures on NBC so they can’t enjoy Warner’s reimagining summer 2015.

Photo via Entertainment Weekly/Laurie Sparham

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