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Pablo Escobar’s son shares a list of inaccuracies about ‘Narcos’ on Facebook

He summarized 28 falsities within season 2.


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It looks like Pablo Escobar’s son Sebastian Marroquin just finished catching up on Netflix’s hit show Narcosand he is not happy about it.

The second season of Narcos essentially shows the fall of Pablo Escobar. It portrays his last days on the run from multiple law enforcement and paramilitary groups. Marroquin took to Facebook on Tuesday to express his outrage toward the show, which he felt to be wildly false. He composed a lengthy post, outlining 28 inaccuracies he found within the show.

“On behalf of my country and to honor the truth of the events that took place between the ‘80s and ‘90s, I feel obliged to expose the serious errors in a series that proclaims itself [as true],” Marroquin wrote. “It is very far from it, and [is] insulting the history of a whole nation and many victims and families.”

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Some of the issues Marroquin has with the series include the claim that his uncle Carlos Henao was a drug dealer and that his father killed Colonel “Carrillo.” While a lot of post deals with the plot that related to his family, some are related to general claims made about the cartel industry in Colombia.

Here is a complete translation of his Facebook post from Google Translate, which runs over 2,000 words long:

Narcos 2 and its 28 Chimeras.
Dear friends, here I share my personal reflection of the second season to be wary of the accuracy of its content.
The tedium of watching the series can be avoided. Why I invite seriously interested who know the real truth about my dad to read my book:
On behalf of my country and to honor the truth of the events that took place between the ‘80s and ‘90s I feel obliged to expose the serious errors in a series that proclaims as true self, when is very far from it, and insulting the history of a whole nation and many victims and families:
1. Carlos Henao Q.E.P.D. it was my maternal uncle and was not a drug dealer as he is painted in the series. In fact it was a great man, hardworking, honest, noble and good father. A close friend of my mother. It was an empirical architect who helped build some houses, roads and bridges Hacienda Napoles my father, but I never got involved in illegal activities. He was never convicted in Colombia or any country for any offense. He was a salesman of Bibles, acrylic and mops. He always talked about making peace, not war. He always talked to escape, not to attack anyone. It was not a drug trafficker and Netflix malign him and thus all of us who are your whole family, with total impunity and tranquility. Carlos Henao was never trafficker or lived in Miami. He was kidnapped and tortured with Francisco Toro, another man innocent and decent. How sad that Netflix has shown so many bodies with posters hung Los Pepes, and they forgot to publish images of the body of my uncle Carlos tortured in that sense were identical and public. But not content with that, placed him in another time and place in the history of my father, and they made it seem that his death was the result of a legitimate confrontation between police and drug dealers, when in fact it was an injustice his death, while this is that he violates the right to a good name, honor and the honor of who was a beloved uncle and respected in Medellin whole. A faultless man from start to finish.
2. My father was not a fan of Atletico Nacional, but the Independiente Medellín. If the writers do not even know Paul’s favorite team, how dare tell the rest of such a story and sell it as true? Is everything okay?
3. Quica was arrested in New York on 24 September 1991 so to escape my father Cathedral (July 1992) had already been arrested in the US a long time for false documents. There was back and unjustly accused and convicted of the bomb Avianca flight in which more than 100 passengers and crew died and which was believed to be traveling the successor of Luis Carlos Galan, César Gaviria. Until fiscal De Greiff sent letters to the US in favor of acquittal because this man also insisted, according to my father had no part in fact in real life led by Carlos Castano under orders from my dad. But can unfortunately more hatred than justice when seeking the truth.
4. The exhaust Cathedral: There was such a big confrontation there, only a guardian of the dead prison. Those who stayed did not face. My father had no contacts or help from the law to escape. The leak was designed from the very construction of the prison: my father ordered to leave some loose bricks. Dad escaped when the government notified him that it would breach the agreement never move from that prison.
5. Lemon was Roberto worker alias “Teddy” big brother of my father. He worked for him as a driver about 20 years. It was not a appeared nor was recruited at the end of the story of the family, but many years ago. But being a worker Roberto and being a collaborator Beary DEA could extract and deliver information to sell to his brother since he had first-hand about the modus vivendi and the wanderings of my father. A Lemon knew him to be the driver of the truck coming up to me Cathedral. El Osito at the end of the days of my father and disloyal -tristemente way helped in intelligence work for Los Pepes and DEA to give the whereabouts of his brother, wife and children.
6. It is not true that the Medellin and Cali cartels negotiate to stay with Miami and New York as drug trafficking places respectively. The truth is that even today before the exponential growth market for illegal drugs remains one so great that there will always be a deficit of drug dealers and customers for all those arriving. Consumers are millions and pay whatever it takes to be pleased.
7. The CIA was not who proposed the Brown brothers create Los Pepes. It was Fidel Castano who decided that with the complicity of the Cali Cartel and local and foreign authorities turned a blind eye to thousands of crimes and missing.
8. My mother never bought or used a weapon. Everything about it is a lie. He never even fired.
9. My father did not personally killed any Colonel “Carrillo” as they call it in the series to the Head of the Search Bloc. Many attacks made him the police of Colombia and they killed more than 500 in a month in the city of Medellin in the late 80’s. I’m not proud at all of the violence of my father, and I recognize that it did much damage to the police and also gave a lot of money.
10. Those who are knowledgeable background of history know that my father was seriously wrong ordering the death of those who were his partners and lenders, Moncada and Galeano. The latter were kidnapped by the Cali cartel and for their release alive, they promised to deliver Paul and his men while demanding they cut off all economic aid. There were phone records showing that change of loyalties. My father still decided to spare the life of Moncada at the last minute, but when the order came to stop his murder, death had already found. And this was one of the determining crimes in the fall and end of my father.
11. My father at the end of his days was alone. Not so full of bandits as pictured. For almost all its main villains, except for alias Angelito and Poplar, they had surrendered or were dead.
12. There was no such facilities in the period after the escape from the cathedral. We lived in slums, not mansions.
13. The history of such “Leon” Miami is a lie. He did not live in the US. And it was an absolutely faithful and courageous service of man my father. He died after being kidnapped and tortured by Brown in Medellin. He fell fighting the war on behalf of my father, but never sold it as pictured.
14. My father never threatened to Cali as a city. He issued a statement saying that his wife and some of his family were also natives of the area. Therefore it said in the statement that he had nothing against citizens.
15. Ricardo prisco was already dead by the time the show. He had a medical brother was a good man himself stigmatized by the actions of his brother, but it was not a bandit. Ricardo died long before in real life.
16. my dad never attacked the daughter of Gilberto Rodriguez at your wedding or your life. Nor any member of his family. That was the covenant not to touch families. My father fulfilled. I believe that the day they did not put the bomb on January 13, 1988 in Monaco building where I lived with my sister and my mother.
17. My father never forced us to stay with him in hiding, he always thought like my mother who was the best we educate ourselves and we had other different opportunities for them.
18. We were in a single firefight with my father, but not like the one shown here. In my book I do really tell how were these facts.
19. They put my father attacks with bombs Drogas La Rebate in 1993 when in fact occurred between 1988 and 1989? A little out of time for me taste not it?
20. My paternal grandmother betrayed my father and allied himself with his eldest son Robert, negotiated with Los Pepes and worked so actively that allowed them to live peacefully in Colombia while those who did were loyal love for our father, still living in exile. I would have liked to have as “tender” version of my grandmother painting in the series.
21. The trip to Germany was not. My paternal grandmother traveled with us nowhere.
22. The prosecution of Colombia did we wanted to help as much as they show De Greiff, who appeared but was not so good. His office was completely infiltrated by the Cali cartel. And the whole scheme of protection provided by its own agents. We were on condition of hostages, kidnapped by our own state accused of the crime of kinship. We were two minors and two women locked in a small hotel room.
23. Virginia Vallejo was so in love that he rejected the silver my father? So if you are two lies in a large and well!
My mother never talked to her after the escape from the cathedral. Almost a decade ago that my father had no contact with Virginia who was a lover at the same time the leaders of the Cali cartel.
24. My father did not send us Tequendama hotel phone with anyone, we were using the site. I hung every time he called me to protect him, but became moody and longer prudent line stayed, knowing that it would be tracked down. “The phone is death,” said a lifetime. Why he did not want to talk to me, because I was cutting the call. Asked then talk to my mother and sister and identified to the operator with their two names, so their calls were to leave, to extend as much as possible that last call, with the clear intention of being located in what he chose as the day and place for his last battle in the neighborhood Los Olivos their city, Medellin. My father committed suicide as he told me dozens of times. Therefore I was not surprised that the shot that killed him was from his own hand and pistol, two millimeters away from where I always swore that he would beat him. It was not the police. Carlos Brown went the final operation, also participated any foreign authority. This was related by Brown himself in person loudly to my mother.
25. No journalist was killed outside the hotel TEQUENDAMA.
26. My father never abused her parents, much less to Abel his dad. there was never a conversation in that tone or sense.
27. After my father died, my mother was summoned to a meeting with the Cali Cartel in the city, there were more than 40 major crime bosses of Colombia at the time. Who saved her life my mother and was signed after Miguel Rodriguez, Gilberto no. On that occasion they deprived us of inherited property and the left and distributed as part of the spoils of war.
28. My grandmother tells in the series to my mother who betrayed my father? When in real life it was my paternal grandmother and children / as those with secret contacts with the Cali cartel!
Season 1 and I speak not to bore you with the long list.
The world is definitely backwards and stories is clear that whatever the count as he pleases want. And on top no matter how successful are undercounted. But hey, each to tell his version, that true you know where to find it:…
Judge You, Hugs Peace !!!
Sebastian Marroquin,
(Formerly Juan Pablo Escobar).

Netflix does not hide the fact that Narcos is merely inspired by Escobar’s life and is not meant to be entirely historically accurate. At the beginning of episode the following warning appears:


The show has a five star rating on the website and has won numerous awards, including a Golden Globe Award for “Best Television Series–Drama.” The show was recently renewed for a third and fourth season.

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