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One Direction fanfiction gets animated thanks to “Archer” artist

Mark Parsons has bravely stepped into a realm dominated by female fans of the U.K. hearthrobs.


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One Direction, the U.K. pop band, is the subject of lot of fanfiction, most of which is penned by the teen heartthrobs’s female fans. Until now.

Mark Parsons, the lead animator for hit FX show Archer, has created his own One Direction fanfiction, animated it, and voiced all the characters.

“I’m not knocking girls,”  Mark Parsons begins, in his on-camera introduction to his 18-minute video, “The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction.” “I just thought it was about time for some 1D fanfic written by a dude. Which, I’m one, dude, so that’s what I did. And then I animated it.”

The story follows the superhero boy band on their quest to save all the world’s cats from the evil villain Lord Faptaguise. Through the use of the Pussy Magnet machine, given to them by a Yoda-like Paul McCartney, the group triumphs, but not before a series of zany mishaps.  

The stand-alone episode, which appears to be purely a labor of love and not a pilot for a TV show, has already received one million views since being uploaded on May 29. It has also maintained the most popular content slot on the Google-owned video sharing site for the last 24 hoursfor good reason.   

The 18-minute short may be pun and pop-culture reference heavy, but its jokes appeal to a broad enough audience. It flies by, even if you don’t know a thing about One Direction. There’s enough mockery tossed in for One Direction haters to enjoy, too.

“Mark Parsons has created my new favorite show” thezoielove wrote on Tumblr. “I’ll just wait for new episodes now.”


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