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Pres. Obama forced to sing “Call Me Maybe”

The YouTube channel BarackDubs imagines what it would sound like if the president covered the infectious pop hit. 


Jordan Valinsky


Pres. Barack Obama has had enough of the emails and wants you to call him… maybe.

So, Obama didn’t join the throngs of celebrities crafting covers of “Call Me Maybe,” but YouTube channel BarackDubs imagined what it would sound like if he did. The channel mashed-up clips of him saying the lyrics and morphed it into a shortened version of the infectious pop hit.

Since the video posted late Monday, the video has racked up 206,000 views. Its premiere was part of MTV Act, the music network’s advocacy website. BarackDubs has also produced songs of Obama “singing” other pop hits, most notably “Born This Way” and “Sexy and I Know It.”

The top comment on the video was from a user, who wrote with disregard for proper capitalization: “hey i just met you. and this is crazy. but i’m barack obama. so vote for me maybe.”

Not to be a sourpuss here, but Obama seems to have traded in phone calls for star-studded dinners as of late. So, this is crazy, but supper maybe?

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