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11 reasons North Korea should really condemn Seth Rogen and James Franco

Really? Nobody wanted to call foul on The Green Hornet?


Mike Fenn


Kim Jong-un and his loyal followers are not fans of Seth Rogen and James Franco. After all, the duo’s upcoming movie, The Interview, features the two frequent collaborators as reporters who are secretly hired by the U.S. government to assassinate the near-universally despised leader of North Korea. 

A North Korean government spokesman hit out at The Interview over its portrayal of North Korea, calling the movie an “act of terrorism and war.” He went on to dismiss the film as the work of a “gangster filmmaker.”

But is The Interview really Franco and Rogen’s worst-ever trespass?

We found video evidence of Rogen and Franco that is far more damning to their names than their work in The Interview. If Kim Jong-un wanted to condemn the pair for the following reasons, he might finally have an ally in America—well, in its moviegoing public, anyway.

1) Franco makes light of a scandal involving an underage fan

Earlier this year, news about Franco’s communication with a 17-year-old fan over Instagram tarnished his name. While he made a public apology for his actions shortly after it went public, he nevertheless did not miss the opportunity to poke fun at it during Seth Rogen’s Saturday Night Live hosting stint.

2) Franco is apparently quite egocentric

His Instagram account overflows with selfies, and much of his charity work could just as easily be called self-service in disguise. But, perhaps this is our fault as fans.

3) Franco and Rogen do Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

It’s bad enough that there is already one Kimye coupling out there. But Franco and Rogen force us to endure it twice, whether by wearing their attire or remaking their music videos.

4) They teased us with a Pineapple Express sequel

We’ll give them this: Pineapple Express was an excellent movie that made awesome use of Franco and Rogen’s talents as crime-solving stoners. So why did they have to tease us with an upcoming sequel in This Is the End, only to never (yet) deliver?

5) Franco’s line “So good” in Spider-Man 3

While Spider-Man 3 was widely considered a putrid mess in every possible way, this cheesy line, delivered by Franco’s supposedly badass and upscale character Harry Osbourne, assigned the movie a camp value not seen since Batman and Robin.

6) Spring Breakers

Seriously, Franco with cornrows and a grill? We’re not sure what Hollywood was thinking.

7) Your Highness

I’m sure that the idea for this looked great on paper—and even better on the weed that was rolled into that paper. But the actual execution was just pitiful, no matter how much Danny McBride tried to help things along.

8) The 83rd Academy Awards

David Letterman and Chevy Chase likely breathed sighs of relief upon seeing this telecast, as their own stints as Oscar hosts were no longer the absolute worst. A visibly nervous and slurring Franco paired with a too-enthusiastic Anne Hathaway was not the best way to celebrate cinematic achievement.

9) The Green Hornet

No. Just… no. Seth Rogen, this never should have happened. Ever.

10) The Guilt Trip

Ditto this.

11) Did Seth Rogen really need three roles in Fanboys?

There are millions of struggling actors out there looking for work. So why did producers of Fanboys give Rogen not one, not two, but three separate roles? Was there really no one else available to play the single-line role of “Las Vegas Klingon”?

H/T Uproxx via Telegraph | Screengrab via JoBlo Movie Trailers/YouTube

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