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Nicolas Jaar launches a cryptic radio network

333 channels of pure, blissful noise.


Kristen Hubby


Posted on Aug 30, 2016   Updated on May 26, 2021, 3:33 am CDT

Chilean-American composer and recording artist Nicolas Jaar launched a new and mysterious radio network, “The Network,” early Wednesday morning. 

The interactive network has 333 radio channels made up of mixes and songs curated from different artists, including Jaar himself. In the middle of the site, viewers can input a number from zero to 333, and the radio network will tune into that specific channel or round to the nearest.

Every channel has its own title and artwork. Some channels refer to Jaar’s own mystical work like “Pomegrantes”—which was the title of his latest release in 2015—and others named “Make America Great Again” accompanied by an ironic soundtrack.

At the top of the site are symbols that activate different noises, bring up the titles of each channel, and display your time spent listening to “The Network.” 

Jaar encourages viewers to have fun, exploring the site to their own advantage. However, he suggests to check out channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33, and ending with 333 for a peculiar experience.

According to Jaar’s statement, the radio network is a mutation of his subscription-based serial label, Other People, that launched in 2013. The monthly subscriptions are no more due to financials and timing, as Jaar plans to resume his live sets, and will “concentrate on a much smaller batch of yearly releases starting in 2017.” 

This is Jaar’s second hint at what seems to be the release of new material in the future, as he posted artwork for “Sirens” on social media and his website without any explanation.

Below is Jaar’s full statement to his fans: 

Dear Opies,

First, I want to thank you for your amazing support over the past 3 years, you have allowed us to experiment and grow. 

But most importantly, you’ve sustained a space for dozens of young artists from all over the world to begin or continue their paths. 

Thank you 
Thank you 
Thank you 

As some of you may have noticed, we have stopped our monthly subscription. 

There are two reasons behind this decision. First of all, I will be playing live again and unable to be fully present on a week to week basis. But it’s also a financial decision: every release was a labour of love, and I took up DJing the last couple of years in part to finance the label. 

We will now concentrate on a much smaller batch of yearly releases starting in 2017. 

Until then, the site will mutate into (Chrome preferred) 

I will let you guys discover what this is on your own but all I’ll say is that channels 324, 195, 108, 243, 225, 33 would be good places to start.. And channel 333 will be a good place to end. :)

Okay that’s all, see you on the road.

Love, N

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*First Published: Aug 30, 2016, 2:21 pm CDT