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Nirvana fan stumbles upon 2 new recordings on Ebay

'Nevermind' our excitement.


Tess Cagle


Published Jun 23, 2016   Updated May 26, 2021, 1:37 pm CDT

Grunge fans found themselves in Nirvana this morning when two unreleased tracks from the flagship band of Generation X surfaced online.

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The unearthing happened on accident—a fan unknowingly bought a reel on eBay that contained a recording session in Pachyderm Studios from Feb. 15, 1993, around the same time In Utero was released. Then he did what any decent Nirvana fan would do and uploaded it to YouTube for the rest of us.

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Out of the seven songs on the reel, two have never been released. One is solely a drum solo from Dave Grohl and the other, “Lullaby,” is entirely instrumental, featuring Kurt Cobain on the drums according to Stereogum.

Neither of the new tracks are complete songs. Grohl’s solo includes frantic drumming and sounds like a foreshadowing of the Foo Fighters.

“Lullaby” is an eerie space anthem, driven by Krist Novoselic’s bass and featuring a peculiar, sci-fi keyboard lead. 

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This is the complete list of the tracks on the reel:

1) Dumb
2) Dumb (Instrumental)
3) Dave Grohl Solo
4) Marigold (Instrumental) with possibly Kurt Cobain on Drums
5) Marigold (Instrumental)
6) Marigold (With Cello)
7) Lullaby (Instrumental) with possibly Kurt Cobain on Drums

At press time, Grohl and Novoselic had not made a comment about the release of the footage. 

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*First Published: Jun 23, 2016, 5:27 pm CDT