Nerdist’s ‘Real Housewives of Horror’ perfectly parodies reality TV

For those of you that are horror aficionados and also obsessed with everything on Bravo, Nerdist has the perfect new web series. Real Housewives of Horror brings the in-fighting of rich reality stars to an even more frightening place.

The series hits all the traditional Real Housewives tropes, from catty fights between frenemies turned enemies turned BFFs again; to pointless parties to promote; to even more pointless books. The twist is that each woman is married to a famous murderer, possessed by a famous ghost, or simply a serial killer herself. Episode one lets us get to know the women during an event for “teenage virgin turned married virgin” scream queen, Heather. Jealousy rears its ghastly head, and the girls get a little fiercer than just your famliar thrown drinks and hair pulling.

The newest episode takes single Satanist Barbara Dawn on a speed-dating adventure, meeting potential murderers and some “normal guys” like special guest Chris Hardwick, who is immediately disposed of. Barbara Dawn thinks she’s found love with Satan, played by Nicholas Brendon, but he’s hiding a secret.

So far the series has proven just as addictive as the Bravo originals. It’s not the only parody out there, with Hotwives of Orlando on Hulu being another standout, but it’s definitely the only version of Housewives where one wife eats another wife’s eyeball.

Screengrab via Nerdist.

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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