My Chemical Romance releases vague video and the Internet freaks out

My Chemical Romance

Photo via Michael_Spencer/Flickr

What does it all mean?

Three years after disbanding, My Chemical Romance released a video Wednesday that has fans excited for a potential reunion.

The clip shows a fluttering flag, music from its The Black Parade album, and the date Sept. 23, 2016. That date is one month before the 10-year anniversary of The Black Parade album.

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The post was the band’s first tweet in a year, and its most recent Facebook posts were in February about Funko Dolls in the band’s likeness

But what does it all mean?  The Internet isn’t sure, but people are very excited.

Fans have pointed out there’s at least one clue in the band’s new logo, which references resurrection. 

None of the band members have posted anything about the video on social media, fueling the mystery.

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