This is how Muhammad Ali wants to be remembered

muhammad ali

Screengrab via Boxing Now/YouTube

A true legend.

The world is mourning the loss of Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend who passed away on Friday night at the age of 74. And while everyone’s remembering him in various ways, the athlete left us some instructions on how to celebrate his life.

In his memoir, Ali literally wrote a response to “how I would like to be remembered.” It’s short, simple, poignant, and truly captures the boxer’s spirit. ABC News Senior Producer Chris Donovan tweeted out a screenshot of the excerpt late Friday night. 

Ali’s accomplishments, both inside the right and out, are all to be cherished. While becoming one of the world’s greatest athletes, he paved the way for black athletes. And, while he could be stern and outspoken about the issues he cared about, he could often be found joking around and with that memorable Ali grin. We’re glad his self-written eulogy reflects that.

And that kicker—Ali sure knows how to make an exit. 

Muhammad Ali dead at 74
2016 claims another legend.
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