‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ is 2014’s most pirated movie

A movie about pirates is still on the list.


Audra Schroeder


Published Dec 29, 2014   Updated May 29, 2021, 9:25 pm CDT

The year in pirating has been an interesting one, but the illegal downloading of TV shows and films continued to flourish despite protestations. Game of Thrones is still the most pirated TV show in 2014, to no one’s surprise. Drake’s 2013 album Nothing Was the Same is apparently the most pirated album of all time. Put that in your thinkhole.

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As for films, copyright infringement detectors Excipio recently released the top 20 most pirated movies of 2014, and The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorsese’s three-hour ode to the F word, slides in at No. 1 with 30 million torrents. Frozen’s not far behind with 29 million. RoboCop, Gravity, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug round out the top five. Interestingly, the 2014 RoboCop remake and the 1987 original combined downloads to put it at No. 3. The rest of the top 10 is pretty action movie-heavy, and people are still pirating Captain Phillips for some reason.

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Here’s the full list:

1. The Wolf of Wall Street: 30.035 million

2. Frozen: 29.919 million

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3. RoboCop: 29.879 million

4. Gravity: 29.357 million

5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 27.627 million

6. Thor: The Dark World: 25.749 million

7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: 25.628 million

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8. The Legend of Hercules: 25.137 million

9. X-Men: Days of Future Past: 24.380 million

10. 12 Years a Slave: 23.653 million

11. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: 23.543 million

12. American Hustle: 23.143 million

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13. 300: Rise of an Empire: 23.096 million

14. Transformers: Age of Extinction: 21.65 million

15. Godzilla: 20.956 million

16. Noah: 20.334 million

17. Divergent: 20.312 million

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18. Edge of Tomorrow: 20.299 million

19. Captain Phillips: 19.817 million

20. Lone Survivor: 19.130 million

Screengrab via Paramount Pictures/YouTube 

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*First Published: Dec 29, 2014, 6:05 pm CST