The Morning GIF: Model behavior

Karlie Kloss

It’s a walk-off! Model Karlie Kloss gets paid good money to move like this.

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How would you like to get paid to walk? Top international model Karlie Kloss does, and today’s Morning GIF makes it clear why.

At 20, she’s already been a professional model for six years, having signed with Elite in 2007. She’s said that her background in ballet has helped her enormously on the catwalk, but there are some things that just can’t be taught. Kloss has a lot of them.

The catwalk is the greatest test of a fashion model; you have to show off the clothes, yes, but you have to inject some personality, some showbiz, and when your instructions are, “Walk to the end, pose for a second, turn, pose, and walk back,” that’s not an easy assignment. You try it.

Kloss is famous for her powerful walk, a stalk like a jungle cat—but a jungle cat made out of adamantium, with the ability to fly or shoot lasers or god knows what—and you know she’s going to be fabulous every time. If you sent her down a catwalk lined with Bond girls, they’d all be in tears by the time she got to the end, knowing themselves vanquished.

And that is why she gets paid to walk.

Ladies and gentlemen, Karlie Kloss, photographed by Nick Knight, as featured on the My Kokoro is Brokoro Tumblr.

Lorraine Murphy

Lorraine Murphy

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