George Takei has discovered the GIF. We repeat: George Takei has discovered the GIF.

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Sci-fi and social media superstar George Takei has mastered yet another medium. First fell Facebook. Then, dissatisfied with the changes there, he tackled Tumblr. Now (possibly inspired by our own GIF guide) he’s learned a new, trendy format: the animated GIF.

Oh myyyy!

“This whole ‘gif’ notion is a very interesting aspect of Tumblr,” he posted a month ago, accompanying the sentiment with an endearing GIF of Charlie Chaplin. His childlike delight was obvious when a fan sent in a GIF of the youthful Takei shirtless, fencing his way down the halls of the U.S.S. Enterprise. “Oh myyy!!! Like and a reblog if you are as excited about this as I am,” he wrote. That Takei knows all the Tumblr tricks already!

Now, with his newfound ability to capture motion, he is unrestrained in his seasonal-inspired rejoicing, exclaiming, “Feeling the holiday spirit. Oh myyy,” and illustrating it with a sassy GIF twirl (and, we’ve got to say, better moves than Santa will ever have). So far, 8,804 notes of star-struck applause adorn the post like so many Christmas cards.


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