Curly Wurly

Oh, Canada: curling, Tim Horton’s, and health care.

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Welcome to Canuckistan. Here’s your double-double, here’s your Cowichan sweater, here’s your two-four of Canadian slowly turning into beer slushies in the back of the car, and here is your curling broom. You know what to do.

In curling-mad Canada, it’s easy to pass as a native. All you need are a coffee from Tim Horton’s (double cream, double sugar, what the heck, health care is free eh!); a heavy, water-and-snow-repellent traditional sweater; a loyalty to domestic beers that transcends mere standards of taste; and an active, almost overwhelming interest in the sport of curling.

It’s like giant shuffleboard, but on ice, because Canada.

Originally from the ChristmasGIF site, this animated scene from Stephen Smith of Neasden Control Centre sums up the intermittent thrills and constant chills of this most Canadian of all fads.

Rock on.

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