Brilliant music video lets you choose how drunk the band gets

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One London band’s experiment just raised the bar for music videos.

One London band’s experiment just raised the bar for music videos.

“We’ve got an EP and we needed a live, in-session kind of film,” Ollie Kristian of Moones explained of their new release. “Why not just do it with a little bit of an idea on top?”

The band’s “little bit of an idea” was simple. Film their jam session for their song “Better Energy” five different times, but between each take the band members have four beers apiece.

With the help of YouTube annotations, you can switch off between how many beers the band has consumed and what angle you’re watching. The band used more than 10,000 annotations, but with that you can switch off between zero beers, to 20, to 60 with a simple click.

By the time the band gets to 80 beers (that’s 16 beers each), they can barely stand, let alone play, and they somehow only manage to knock over a microphone stand.

It’s a “choose your own adventure” in drunkenness.

H/T Reddit | Photo via moonestube/YouTube

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