Creepy Santa

Have a very strange holiday with DJ BC’s psychedelic Mexican robot Christmas mashup.

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Okay, Christmas mashup artistes, you can take the rest of the holidays off; your work is done. This mashup from DJ Bob Cronin, aka DJ BC, has it in the Santa sack.

Peanuts. Vanilla Ice. Creepy reindeer. Smokey Robinson. Queen. David Freaking Bowie. All this and video snippets from what at first appears to be Santa Claus Versus the Martians, but turns out to be an undiscovered psychotropic Mexican classic.

The YouTube notes for “Jingle Pressure” say, “This includes footage from the rather strange public domain film Santa Claus —no, not the one with Dustin, this is a 1950s Mexican film with clockwork reindeer, mouth loudspeakers, ear antenna, dancing demonic dolls, castles in space and guest spots from Merlin and a demon called Pitch. But despite the oddness t has a real heart to it, as you’ll see from the video.”

It’s from the brand new mashup album Santastic 7, released just two weeks ago. This undiscovered new classic has had only 779 views so far, but it’s not likely to languish in the triple digits for long, given BC’s reputation. The Atlanta-based producer’s mashups—most notably the Beatles/Beastie Boys albums he released under the name “The Beastles”—have scored radio play from L.A. to NYC to Paris.

And hey, it’s still a full week to The Big Day.

Both the music and the visuals (from Instamatic) on this YouTube are exceptional. The lip synching is one of the things that differentiates a great from an average video mashup, and how he got plastic reindeer to do that is anyone’s guess.

It must have been some magic.

Image via HA! Designs/Flickr

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