Whole Foods parking lot rapper returns with “Mixologist”

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Tired of paying $20 for a cocktail straight out of Boardwalk Empire? David Wittman knows the feeling. 

David Wittman is a cultural vigilante, a chronicler of first-world problems.

With his production company, Fog & Smog, the amateur rapper and professional composer has gone platinum in YouTube views by tackling drama in the “Whole Foods Parking Lot,” hollering at a “Yoga Girl,” and taking on the hipster culture in Berkeley, Calif.   

Now he’s back with “Mixologist,” a trunk-rattler that tackles modern cocktail culture—you know, the kind of bar you need the password to get to: “Tweed vests, raw eggs and twenty dollar price tags,” as the video’s summary puts it.

Uploaded on Wednesday, the video is off to a slow start, with just 782 views to date, but it might be the collective’s best work yet—combining Wittman’s trademark observation humor with legit beats and a hook that would cost others six figures to obtain:   

Hey Mr. Mixologist 
Did you have to go to college for this?
It seems like you got some knowledge, it’s just…
$20 for a cocktail plus tip?

“Mixologist” was shot on location La Descarga, a high-end bar in Hollywood that’s either in on the joke or has a staff with an impressive sense of humor.  

“My inspiration,” Wittman told the Daily Dot, “is being generally overwhelmed by the ‘coolness’ of it all.”

I’ll drink to that.

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