Worth 1,000 words: Mindy Kaling

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The Office‘s Mindy Kaling is a brilliant comedian, a people’s choice award nominee on Comedy Central, and a down-to-earth Twitterer. She’s worth 1,000 words and more, as our Twitter-based word-cloud proves.

If you take away the the blue certified badge and hide her number of followers, Mindy Kaling’s Twitter profile appears pretty normal.

She loves her friends, movies, and even has a small crush on actor Michael Fassbender.

“Fassbender, happy birthday, babe,” Kaling tweeted Tuesday. “See you at home later tonight.”

But that’s the special thing about Kaling. Despite her acting awards, critically acclaimed book, and hilarious role on the U.S. version of The Office, Kaling is the girl next door.

On the occasion of her viewers choice nomination for Comedy Central’s Funniest Person on Twitter award, the Daily Dot decided to make Kaling the subject of our new weekly column called Worth 1,000 Words.

Each week we chose one influential Twitter user and generate a custom-word cloud to see what is on a persons mind. Like most word clouds, the bigger the word appears, the more often it has been used in a person’s tweets.

Here’s a look at the words Kaling’s used in her last 50 tweets or so. It’s a fitting representation of a woman who, despite her enormous success, has kept things real.

Photo via Mindy Kaling

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