Notch vs YogsCast: a Minecraft feud

A feud between Minecraft creator Notch and the duo behind YogsCast has spilled across social media platforms, forcing fans to choose sides. 


Fruzsina Eördögh


Published Nov 21, 2011   Updated Jun 3, 2021, 1:08 am CDT

Minecraft players be warned: Cursing in front of children will get you beaten with Notch’s diamond sword of civility. And it could prevent you from being invited to another convention.

Notch, the creator of the wildly successful indie video game, recently admonished YogsCast, a YouTube and podcasting duo famous for their Minecraft series, for not minding their tongues.

Notch even went so far as to tweet about not working with the group again and—in the ultimate social snub—stopped following the group on Twitter.

The incident happened over the weekend at the second annual MineCon, a Minecraft convention. During their panel, YogsCast played a clip from their show that happened to include curse words.

To be fair to YogsCast, the duo’s comedic banter occasionally features profanity or other language unsuitable for children, but those words could have been bleeped out.

On Monday, Notch’s tweet was the top story in both the Minecraft and gaming sections of social news site Reddit. Redditors were torn over which side to take, as both Minecraft and YogsCast are popular on the site.

“Notch probably received a bit of backlash from parents who assumed the event was family-friendly or PG,” wrote AlexanderSalamander.

Others wondered why Notch hadn’t previously screened the clip to be played or notified the duo to not include expletives in their presentation.

Other redditors, like basvdo, chose instead to focus on Notch’s decision to publicly flog the duo:

“You don’t know what agreements were made between Mojang and YogsCast, so you can’t judge who has been negligent. That said, there are proper ways to deal with it and I don’t think public shaming on Twitter is the best strategy.”

Over on YouTube, fans of YogsCast voiced their anger at Notch’s decision or mentioned that they discovered Minecraft because of YogsCast.

“Notch, What a terrbile mistake you have made. Butcher the ones who made all your free advertisement. THEY are the reason you never payed a dime for advertising before Minecon,” wrote Tkwk33 in a top-ranked comment.

“Notch is such a dickhead…He should have asked them not to swear beforehand if he was so concerned about the innocence of the children,”  wrote ILoveTurbulence1, another top comment.

YogsCast was unavailable for comment at press time. However, the group promised on Twitter to explain their side of the story in “full graphic detail” upon returning to the UK.

Hopefully not too graphic, lest Notch get even more offended.

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*First Published: Nov 21, 2011, 5:22 pm CST