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Michelle Obama is a great rapper, and her fans have ideas for her next big hit

Thanks, Obama!


Michelle Jaworski


Michelle Obama is a lawyer, a writer, and an avid proponent of healthy eating and education. But now that people online knows that the First Lady can rap, they’re quickly turning “FLOTUS” into the next rap superstar.

Obama recently teamed up with Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah (who often impersonates her husband, President Barack Obama) and CollegeHumor to produce a rap song encouraging kids to go to college.

The song, which promotes the Better Room Initiative, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the whole thing works mainly because Obama gets completely into it.

If she ever wanted to change careers after life in the White House, she could totally pull it off.

Once people saw Obama’s talent, they offered the budding star their own tracks through the Twitter hashtag #FlotusBars. She can accomplish anything if she’s got a sick beat and the rhymes to throw down.

For one thing, she’s got plenty of inspiration to draw from her life.

She pushes for change, both in policies and everyday life. She’s an inspiration.

And if you’re jonesing for yet another Hamilton mashup, Twitter’s got you covered.

She’s not throwing away her shot, that’s for sure.

Screengrab via CollegeHumor/YouTube

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