magic pool dive

Now you see him, now you—wait, what?

I couldn’t know, when I started griping about how it would get up to 90ºF in New York today, that a bit of wizardry on Vine would be just the refreshment I needed. Call it a summer miracle.

You ready for this?

If you ever manage to tear yourself away from this infatuating loop, Business Insider helped to break it down, bit by bit. All it takes is some clever angles, the ability to smoothly stop and start filming while remaining perfectly still, and a kid who likes to practice his dive.

Still, we prefer to believe there was some manner of witchcraft involved, as with many of Christian Leonard’s previous sleight-of-Vine tricks, often commissioned by brands.

It’s just a matter of time before this dude figures out how to mount an act in Vegas.

Photo via Christian Leonard/Vine

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