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We can’t wait to play the Ludacris version of Scrabble, Slang N’ Friendz

A classic word game, reinvented.


Dahlia Dandashi


In today’s avalanche of heavy, tumultuous political news, legendary rapper Christopher Bridges, aka Ludacris, is helping lighten the load with his new Scrabble-inspired app

The crux of Slang N’ Friendz is similar to Words With Friends—but instead of a focus solely on traditional words, slang is introduced into the playing field. Users also have the option of customizing backgrounds and tile sets. 

The multi-player game is also complete with bumpin’ tunes and Ludacris cheering you on from the sidelines for your slangiest vernacular. Players can also generate their own words, enabling the game to recognize and register new slang daily.

The app came about after the Fast and Furious actor-gone-entrepreneur teamed up with startup founder Edwin Benton in an effort to create something that would bring people together in the wake of the divisive election.

“I always look for things that I feel like are going to help the world in general and help people,” Ludacris said in an interview with Tech Crunch. “With Slang N’ Friendz, in my opinion, I feel like pop culture dictates what is considered as cool in this world, and I think bringing people together and not limiting them to what everyone feels the dictionary is in terms of the English language, brings people closer together.”

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Slang N’ Friendz is available for free on iOS and Android.

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