To help his mother pursue her lifelong dream  of becoming a professional singer, a redditor posted her audition video to the social news site. Reddit responded in kind. 

In the era of YouTube, aspiring artists don’t need American Idol or The Voice—just a little help from Reddit.

The social news site was critical in helping shine a national spotlight on Ted Williams, the “homeless man with a golden voice.” Now redditors have found another ordinary individual worth championing: Lucia, a mother of six who, after spending the last 23 years working two jobs to support her family, is finally pursuing her dream of becoming a professional singer.  

Her son, Reddit user sethapalooza, posted a link to an audition video on Reddit with a headline that concluded, “Help make her day with some YouTube views.”  

Reddit responded in kind. The post quickly shot to the front page of the social news site, an act that pretty much guarantees the view count on YouTube will freeze out of popular demand. (The video is currently locked at 303 views.)  

“Tell her she has a beautiful voice,” commented user Saber72.
“Tell her she brought up a great kid,” added redditor mindcrack. “I’d be more happy to have a kid who loves me enough to do this than have a great singing voice. She’s hit the jackpot with having both.”

Uploaded on the channel operated by her collaborator Steve Dunne on Jan. 21, Lucia’s rendition of “At Last” is a bittersweet and timely tribute to the voice of Chess Records, Etta James, who passed last week.

Not everyone was impressed. YouTuber Aerosion, in a particularly nasty comment, advised against using Reddit to get “free compliments.” But the vast majority of viewers offered glowing feedback and words of encouragement.

“Well done, I wish I was half as brave,” offered JimboJ1981.

“It’s so beautiful that it made me tear up (in a good way ofcourse). Keep up the good work, you have a wonderful voice!” posted CrashOfVintage

The lyrics offer a fitting summation of Lucia’s long-awaited entrance into the music business:

“I found a dream that I can speak to, a dream I can call my own.”

Thanks to Reddit, she’s one step closer to making that a reality.


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