Florida teen threatened to shoot up school because Lil Uzi Vert hasn’t dropped ‘Luv Is Rage 2’

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In Pasco County, Florida, a high school student’s Facebook post last week sparked a police investigation when it threatened gun violence against the student body. Though the threats proved empty, the 16-year-old was arrested for reporting a hoax and the social media threat itself.

Thing is the student was apparently just upset that rapper Lil Uzi Vert had yet to release his oft-teased sequel to 2015’s breakout project, Luv Is Rage, titled Luv Is Rage 2.

“[D]rop luv is rage 2 before i shoot up my school,” he wrote.

This marked threat No. 3 against a Pasco County school this month. Authorities did find two guns in the home of the student, though they were in a lockbox which was missing its key. (Law enforcement was forced to pry open the box to verify that they were, in fact, safely stored.)

Luv Is Rage 2 Photo via ABC Action News

Luv Is Rage 2 is reportedly due May 26, though it’s been teased since November.


While we anxiously await the game-changing record by the 22-year-old rapper born Symere Woods, please enjoy Uzi’s performance on breakout single “Bad and Boujee,” but with all the other rapping removed for optimal effect:

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