Lil B’s cat is now a rapper


The Internet-savvy Bay Area hip-hop artist just dropped a new track called “Keke the Adopted Tabby Cab Makes History! First Animal in Hip-Hop!” 

Leave it to Lil B to pioneer hip-hop’s shift into shoddily recorded cat raps. 

The Bay Area–based performer, an Internet-savvy artist whose ascent through the rap ranks has as much to do with his prolific and adorably meandering Twitter feed as it does his recorded output, posted a new video to his YouTube channel Monday evening, a five-minute track titled “Keke the Adopted Tabby Cab Makes History! First Animal in Hip-Hop! Feat Lil B!!!

The song is, as far as we are able to tell and willing to consciously look into, the first rap track to incorporate the sound of a real cat. 

So what do we get in this thing? A lot of purrs, coos, and maybe a meow or two. The large majority of the off-putting and awfully repetitive track is just Lil B saying “Kitty, kitty” and trying his best to make himself sound like a cat.

“Keke the adopted tabby cat, some call her Keke the Based Cat, has made history!” Lil B explained in a message that was originally written entirely in caps. “With her proud friend Lil B, they both are extremely happy to spread love with humans and animals together. 

“Keke has waited a long time and said there is more coming soon maby [sic], let’s take our time, today it’s thank you Based God first, then thank you Lil B.”

Since posting the track, Lil B has spent time pleading with his 579,000 Twitter followers to send reaction videos of their pets listening to Keke’s track—like this one of YouTuber TheBlake0440’s cat Yung Toby, who is reportedly “mesmerized.”

Thank you, Lil Keke.

Photo via Lil B/YouTube

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