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6.5 million people die every day in League of Legends

Here are a half-dozen astonishing factoids that show just how tenaciously popular this 5-year-old game really is.


Mike Fenn


Did you know that, for every baby born, roughly 18 League of Legends players meet their deaths?

That’s a lot of virtual deaths, and it just goes to show how tenaciously popular the 5-year-old game really is. A new YouTube video from Machinima, the animation studio that exclusively employs in-game graphics to tell stories, reveals even more stunning facts about this hugely popular multiplayer battle arena game.

Since its 2009 release, League of Legends (LoL) has attracted millions of players and casual fans alike. The debut episode of Machinima’s “Graphic Content” tells us, for instance, that an April 2013 battle between LoL combatants Wickd and sOAZ, vying for the chance to represent Europe at the League Championship Series All-Star Game, set a personal livestreaming record of over 137,000 concurrent viewers, 

“That’s nearly 4 times the population of Liechtenstein!” the video boasts. Liechtenstein!

Graphic Content placed several other LoL figures into perspective for the casual fan:

  • Since 2012, LoL players have logged an average of over 1 billion hours of playing time each month. In the same amount of time, the Mars Curiosity Rover could have made over 82,000 trips between Earth and Mars.

  • The game has currently attracted over 70 million “summoners.” If these people were all converted into cocoa beans, it would result in over 175,000 pounds of chocolate.

  • If you eat 175,000 pounds of chocolate, you will get fat and die.

Using the facts from the video, The Daily Dot crunched some of its own numbers.

  • League of Legends’ 70 million summoners easily outpopulate France (65.4 million), the United Kingdom (62 million), Italy (60.3 million), and Canada (34.2 million).

  • Approximately 6.5 million in-game deaths are recorded each day. If these were real-life casualties, they could fill the entirety of Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC roughly 16 times over.

  • The 1 billion hours players spend on playing League of Legends each month is equivalent to watching the original Lord of the Rings film trilogy over 1 million times.

H/T  Kotaku / Screengrab via Machinima/YouTube

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