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Lana Del Rey’s channels pure L.A. noir with the Weeknd in ‘Lust for Life’ video

Can she nab a second Song of Summer?


Christine Friar


Can Lana Del Rey score a career-second Song of the Summer?

The title track for her new album Lust for Life just dropped and it features the Weeknd. In typical Del Rey fashion, the video is old glamor-themed, with the pair dreamily sitting on the Hollywood sign while she sings, “Our lust for life keeps us alive / We dance on the ‘H’ of the Hollywood sign til we run out of breath / Gotta dance or we die.” Sounds serious.

Del Rey and The Weeknd have previously partnered up on the 2015 song “Prisoner,” and Del Rey also made an appearance on the “Stargirl Interlude” from his album Starboy.

This is the second single off of Lust for Life, which still has no announced release date.


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