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Lady Gaga’s Venice Film Festival grand boat entrance has become a meme

A star is born, indeed!


Stacey Ritzen


A Star Is Born had its official premiere at the Venice Film Festival on Friday, which stars Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga as “seasoned” musician Jackson Maine and the struggling artist Ally, respectively. Jackson “discovers” Ally (and the two fall in love) just as she’s about to give up her dreams of becoming a singer, until he thrusts her into the spotlight and she becomes an immediate hit, her fame eclipsing his own.

Although Gaga previously appeared in the fifth installment of American Horror Story: Hotel (as well as brief cameos in the following season, Roanoke), this marks her first big screen acting debut. So naturally, the over-the-top singer and songwriter had to make a grand entrance to the festival. And grand it was.

Being that she was in Venice after all, Gaga arrived by boat, with her legs casually draped over the side and looking ever the picture of old Hollywood glam to greet her fans.

And I guess you could say people kind of lost their minds, as one is wont to do when it comes to Lady Gaga.

And then came the inevitable memes:

This has been your friendly reminder that this is Gaga’s world, and we’re all just lucky enough to share it with her.

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