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‘Veronica Mars’ chose the perfect voice to narrate new audiobook

Yep, that’s Kristen Bell.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw


Ah, that iconic Veronica Mars voiceover. For the many fans who watched the new movie this month, Kristen Bell’s wry noir monologuing was enough to bring them back to the show’s heyday in the mid-2000s. And now we can hear some more of it, courtesy of the new Veronica Mars audiobook.

Co-written by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, “Thousand Dollar Tan Line” takes place after the events of the movie, and follows Veronica’s first case after returning to her home town of Neptune, Calif.

When a girl goes missing during Spring Break, Veronica winds up embroiled in a typically complicated web of Neptune mysteries. The audiobook was recorded by Kristen Bell, and you can listen to a five-minute sample on YouTube.

This seems like one of those books that’s better in audiobook than in print format. Weirdly, the story isn’t told from Veronica’s perspective like the TV show, but it in third person, meaning there might be a bit of a disconnect for people who are used to hearing Veronica’s inner monologue. The fact that Kristen Bell herself decided to narrate the audiobook will likely bring things back into familiar territory, and we have to admit that YouTube sample does sound pretty tempting.

“Thousand Dollar Tan Line” is the first in a series of two books that will apparently count as official Veronica Mars canon, meaning that they may tie into any future movies or TV reboots. We can but hope.

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