Kickstopper: A “hard rock” Avengers album that turns cosplay to 11


“Playing in a full Thor costume? You can’t get any more epic than that,” claims the creator of this Kickstarter campaign.  

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Orlando-based guitarist David DiSanto is into the epic stuff—transcendent song hooks, lyrics about medieval battles. He’s always looking for the most valiant sound.

“Go big or go home songwriting,” DiSanto told the Daily Dot, the type that takes its cues from “the beliefs of generations past as well as the hopes and aspirations for the future of existence.”

Naturally, DiSanto finds his muse in modern folklore—more specifically, comic books. He’s been a reader of them since he was a child.

Thor was his favorite, and he followed the great Norse warrior through each of his epic journeys with his legendary Avengers crew. He idolized the long-haired hero, but he didn’t notice his likeness until he attended a screening of Thor’s 2011 blockbuster smash:

“I’m pretty much a spitting image of Chris Hemsworth. And that’s pretty cool.I decided that I should go as Thor for Halloween. I ended up making this whole outfit.”

DiSanto went to the midnight premiere of this spring’s The Avengers in costume, too: painted Under Armor gear, red cape, and beat-up football pads. He left the theater with his jaw on the floor.

“Top 5 movies easily,” he said after the screening. “It was totally awesome.”

So awesome, in fact, that DiSanto now wants to write an album about the movie and run a mini-tour in which all his bandmates dress up in character. That means American flag leotards, mega-huge Hulk suits, and hopefully a drummer who can look like Scarlett Johansson.

“Playing in a full Thor costume? You can’t get any more epic than that,” DiSanto said.

DiSanto turned to Kickstarter to put up his pitch: “Hard Rock Album about the Avengers.” He’s hoping to raise $7,000 by July 2, money that will go towards studio space, costumes, and a little money to offshoot the time DiSanto spends working on the album.

The biggest challenge, he said, will be coming up with a storyline as epic as the adventures the Avengers manage to find themselves in every day.

“I’m not quite sure right now,” he said. “I’m definitely in the brainstorm stage. I can adhere strictly to the movie in an epic storytelling sense, or I can run a bunch of double entendres and make up a story that isn’t told in the comics.”

DiSanto hasn’t been able to raise a dollar since launching the campaign last week, and considering his fair-to-middlin’ write-up (a single paragraph that only offers that the album will be “VERY EPIC”) and unproven songbook, it’s going to be tough to find the funding necessary to turn this idea into an album.

But if Thor and the Avengers have taught us one thing, it’s that you should never underestimate the powers of a superhero—or a guy who looks like one.

Photo via David DiSanto

Chase Hoffberger

Chase Hoffberger

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