After posting a personal plea on YouTube, Tony Harrison will accompany Katy Perry to the MTV Video Music Awards in September. 

Tony Harrison, the terminally ill man who took to YouTube in hopes of meeting Katy Perry, will have his wish fulfilled. The neon-colored pop star has agreed to fly him out and have him accompany her to the MTV Video Music Awards when the red carpet rolls out in September.

According to an interview with RightThisMinute‘s Beth Troutman, Harrison connected with Perry through his brother, who was able to “get in contact with some people higher up” and get in touch with Perry’s management team. Perry then agreed to fly Harrison out to Los Angeles for the VMAs.

Harrison said that Perry also agreed to hold a one-on-one Skype session with him, if he’s feeling too sick to fly himself to the show.

“My smile went from ear to ear,” Harrison said in regards to the news. “I did not expect this to happen, to be honest. And the fact that it is happening is seriously a dream come true.”

This is not the first time that Perry has made a dream come true for a fan who reached out to her via YouTube. Last January, she appeared alongside popular YouTube personality Keenan Cahill and sang her 2010 hit “Teenage Dream.”

Meeting Katy Perry was the top objective on a bucket list Harrison created after receiving news that a bone marrow transplant had failed and he’d only have a few months left to live.

Harrison detailed his bucket list items to YouTube on July 6 and has since fulfilled three of his more grandiose tasks, including practicing with the Seattle Sounders, skydiving, and proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Desiree Minnie, who appeared in the RightThisMinute video alongside Harrison.

Like Perry, the visibly excited Minnie said “yes,” which is both awesome and heartwarming.

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