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Everyone’s doing the “Cat Daddy” dance

Kate Upton’s bikini shimmy is taking YouTube by storm. 


Fruzsina Eördögh


Who would have thought Kate Upton gyrating in an itsy bitsy red bikini would spark a trend?  

In case you blinked, the model danced the “Cat Daddy” in a YouTube video uploaded on May 1st. The video was so revealing, YouTube removed it in less than six hours. (There are now 48 copies of the video on YouTube, and counting and the original is now available on Vimeo.)   

Upton’s dance spawned GIFs, reports of Internet domination, and mounds of soiled tissues—all before sundown. Less than 12 hours later, relatively unknown models and aspiring actors are using the “cat daddy” as a vehicle in their quest for fame.  

Most notably, self-described “model and super hero” Lisa Ramos and MTV2’s Guy Code actress Melanie Iglesia did the deed for about a minute. Clad in jean shorts and skimpy tops, at one point the ladies dance in slow motion (a camera, not a dance, trick).

Males on the Internet were very disappointed both women were wearing more clothes than Upton and expressed such in the comments section on YouTube and on social news site Reddit.

“Let’s try it again in bikini!” wrote cyrus0ne on YouTube. “It’s all about the bikini.”

Model Eric Ramos also dances the “Cat Daddy” sans bikini, but topless and in jeans in a 42-second video. (Ramos gently cups himself twice in a suggestive manner, too.)

“This lacks boobs, bikinis and kate upton. Good try otherwise,” commented TheSpongeBobble in a top comment on YouTube.

“I think I actually prefer this video instead,” pondered Vince Osorio. “Rethinking my sexuality.”

Aspiring celebrities dancing practically naked for fame.  As if they didn’t do that already…

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