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Kanye and Drake hint at new album, and here is what we know

Ask and Ye shall deliver.


Kristen Hubby


Drake capped the last night of  Toronto’s OVO Fest on Monday with Kanye West as the fourth, and last, surprise appearance. Two of rap’s biggest names joined the stage together to perform “Pop Style,” but just before he moved on to his solo hits, West dropped a major hint at a future Drizzy and Ye album.

“Is y’all ready for this album?” West asked the crowd. “I wasn’t talking about Pablo. I wasn’t talking about Views. I wanna ask y’all right now: Are y’all ready for this album?”

West then pointed at Drake as he walked center stage, and “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” began to play. 

Drake later touched on the topic of a collaboration, asking the audience “Are you ready if we make an album?” 

The tease of such a release can damage the soul if proven incorrect. So in order to avoid such heartbreak, we have accumulated the most telltale signs that point to one conclusion: a new “Yizzy” album is on the horizon.

What We Know

Talk of a collaboration between Drake and West is nothing new, as the two rap superstars have kept the idea afloat. In an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2015, West said his inspiration for the song “Wolves” was drawn from discussions between the two. 

“The song came from a conversation me and Drake had where we were supposed to do an album together—it was supposed to be called ‘Wolves,’” West said in the interview.

Shortly after releasing The Life of Pablo in February, West tweeted his thanks to Drake for his help on the album. West also hinted that the pair, plus Future, would be dropping new material soon.

In April, Drake explained to NME the reason for dropping Jay Z and West from his track “Pop Style” in Views, though he praised West as one of his favorite people in the world. The Canadian rapper said he planned on producing a mixtape with West—which could have been the reason for putting off the collaboration.

“I hope we get more music out,” Drake said. “We were supposed to do a mixtape together, an album together … You never know, he’ll call me tonight and say, ‘I’m putting these two songs out tonight.’”

After putting all the puzzle pieces together, OVO Sound Radio posted a tweet Monday night confirming that the two rappers would, in fact, bless us with a new album.

With more information coming later this year, imma let them finish, but if this album drops, it’s going to one of the best albums of all time.

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