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‘Jurassic World’ star Chris Pratt can’t help but gush about TV being great

He's pretty fond of wife Anna Faris too.


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Posted on Jun 12, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 2:41 pm CDT


Chris Pratt is easily one of the biggest movie stars in Hollywood in 2015, and he just said goodbye to TV when Parks and Recreation aired its final episode in February. But that doesn’t mean he’s turned a blind eye to just how great television is right now.

While promoting his new film Jurassic World, talk turned to whether or not he would return to TV. Instead of answering the question directly, Pratt gushed about how impressed he is by the medium for entertainment.

“TV is extraordinary right now,” he says. “There are so many different media outlets outside of the major networks and what’s so great about TV is that you can get really rich, an opportunity to tell really rich stories over the course of so many hours, it’s like a novel of this type of medium, film or television. Film is cool because now I have two hours for this cool ride. It’s typically three acts—beginning, middle, end—you go on an adventure. By the end it’s all cleaned up, and if you have a franchise, maybe you have three chapters of a great, great story. 

“In TV you can really get into not only great characters but also the relationships. All the back stories and all of the relationships you have with every person in your life and how those people have relationships with each other, it’s just more dense and there’s more time to tell stories.”

He also made sure to give his wife Anna Faris a nod, considering she is currently starring on CBS’ comedy Mom. “I think [Mom] is the best show on the air. It’s truly remarkable,” he deadpans. “I could go on and on, just the tones they hit emotionally, comedically, and the lead actress is stunning. I would like to have a baby with her.”

Pratt never outright said he has plans to star in a new TV show, but he does admit that it appeals to him because shooting a series is a lot more amenable to family life than shooting a movie.

“I would definitely not rule out doing television in the future because I think it’s a great medium for telling stories and also practically, it’s very nice for a family man to have nine months out of the year where you are close to the city, close to your home,” Pratt tells reporters. “When I did Parks and Rec, it took me seven minutes to get to work, which was amazing. Nine months out of the year, I would work right down the road, come home for dinner every night, spend weekends at home. Movie making, you can be halfway around the world for six months, so there are amazing benefits to doing TV and a platform to be creative.”

Jurassic World hits theaters on June 12. 

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*First Published: Jun 12, 2015, 12:28 pm CDT