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Joss Whedon is alive and on Twitter

JWhen @JossActual showed up on Twitter this morning, it was with a wit and verve that can only be described as, well, Whedonesque.


Aja Romano


Few possibly fake Twitter accounts have burst onto the scene with as much gusto as Joss Whedon’s possibly fake Twitter account. When @JossActual showed up on Twitter this morning, it was with a wit and verve that can only be described as, well, Whedonesque.

It’s me! Joss!My own account!No more hiding under studio skirts!I’m FREE! @muchadofilm @agentsofshield @marvel @roadsidetweets #free

— Joss Whedon (@JossActual) May 13, 2013

For the past few weeks, Joss has been tweeting from the official Twitter account for his upcoming film release, the widely anticipated Much Ado About Nothing, which Joss and friends filmed at his house over a 12-day period during the making of last year’s Avengers, and only publicly released after his legions of fans went “WE WANT THIS.”

Apparently one little taste of Twitter glory was not enough—not if the official Twitter for his upcoming production of Agent S.H.I.E.L.D. (Coulson Lives!) is to be believed:

The Whedonverse has officially joined the Twitterverse. Welcome @jossactual

— Agents of SHIELD (@AgentsofSHIELD) May 13, 2013

A tweet from the Film Society of Lincoln Center also seemed to confirm Joss’s Twitter was the real deal, as did his Twitter profile photo, which is unique to his account. 

Besides, we can’t think of any sockpuppet Twitter accounts who would bother to make sure that the second person Joss Whedon followed was… comedian Louis C.K.

What can we say? Along with the account’s 70,000 followers, we want to believe. 

MY account!I got strong opinions!I’m gettin’ POLITICAL! (Heads up, LEMURS.) And making wry observations about mundane stuff! #airlines

— Joss Whedon (@JossActual) May 13, 2013

I’m on a plane!I’m having tea!I’m wearing shoes!This is how twitter works, right?I tell you guys EVERYTHING. Great! #syphilis

— Joss Whedon (@JossActual) May 13, 2013

Whedon’s joining Twitter comes just days after ABC Family officially picked up Agents of SHIELD for a full series. The star vehicle for Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson is a tie-in to the mighty Avengers franchise and a pet project for Whedon. With both Much Ado and Agents of SHIELD currently occupying the limelight, and standing securely at the helm of Avengers 2, it might have occurred to Whedon that having conquered the whole planet, he might as well conquer Twitter.

Or, you know, that it would be easier to promote both projects from his own Twitter account. 

Whatever the reason, we’ll take it. With three more weeks before Much Ado‘s wide release, we have nothing better to do than sit around waiting for Joss Whedon to tweet again. What if he and Clark Gregg start Tweeting at each other? What if he and Wil Wheaton become besties? What if we find out why he’s following both DanRad and Emma Watson and the reason is he’s making Harry Potter Season 8? The possibilities are endless! WE NEED TO HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING JOSS WHEDON ON TWITTER OUR WHOLE LIVES. #syphilis.

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