Jon Stewart tells WWE champion who mocked ‘The Daily Show’ to get ready to rumble

Jon Stewart performing stand up

“You’ve stepped into a world of hurt.”

After Jon Stewart retires from hosting The Daily Show later this year, he may continue grappling with difficult people in a different format—a pro wrestling match.

WWE has posted a video message from Stewart in which he calls out tag-team wrestling champion Seth Rollins and says Rollins has “stepped into a world of hurt.”

Rollins started the beef on Monday Night Raw by saying he could replace Stewart and make The Daily Show “watchable.”

“You’re gonna see it,” Stewart said menacingly of the “hurt” that Rollins could expect. “160 pounds of dynamite.”

He then checked himself. “Obviously not dynamite,” he corrected. “My bone density isn’t what it used to be. 160 pounds of wood, a soft wood, like a pine. Still, splinters, you know? That’s gonna hurt.”


Yeah, we could see this being Stewart’s new gig.

Photo via U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons (PD)

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O'Neill

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