The Comedy Central host took the president to task Thursday night in a hilarious segment called “Spamalot.”

A lot of people have dubbed Barack Obama as the first “social media president,” but that doesn’t amuse The Daily Show’s host, Jon Stewart.

“Wow, oh my god, he wastes a lot of time on shit,” retorted Stewart on Thursday night’s show.

On the four-minute segment—cleverly titled “Spamalot”—the Comedy Central host said he’s had enough of Obama’s tweeting, Facebooking, and constant check-ins on FourSquare. But what really annoys Stewart is Obama campaign’s casually titled emails.

“If you are going to use the technology, I ask that you do not take on the persona of the median user age of the other technology’s user,” Stewart said, referring to the informal emails from Obama’s campaign that have subject lines like “Hey” and “Dinner?”

“You don’t need to resort to the fake familiarity that spammers use to get me to buy an iPhone 6,” joked Stewart. He also took Obama to task for the constant nagging for campaign donations in his, as Stewart calls them, “super casual bro-mails.”

“It’s like you don’t even value our make believe friendship,” joked Stewart.

Watch the rest of the brilliant takedown below.


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