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Comedy Central to stream every Jon Stewart ‘Daily Show’

Jon Voyage.


Michelle Jaworski


Comedy Central is kicking off Jon Stewart’s last few weeks as host of The Daily Show with a bang by airing every single episode of his nearly 17-year run for fans.

The Daily Show is pulling a Simpsons and putting out more than 2,000 episodes for the next 42 days, but instead of airing them all on Comedy Central, it will host the weeks-long event online and on mobile. Clearly Comedy Central knows its audience

Your Month of Zen,” which you can watch on Comedy Central’s website or the Comedy Central app, starts June 26 at 12pm ET and will air episodes continuously until Aug. 6 at 7:17pm ET, just hours before Stewart will take to his desk for the final time.

It’ll start with Stewart as he tries to find his footing, something much of his younger audience will likely have only seen in shorter clips, as well as highlights for the older crowd. The politics will be as dated as the hairstyles, but we’ll also get to see Stewart grow into the cynical and curmudgeonly comedian that he is today. Besides, who needs July?

This may be the most painful farewell voyage we’ve seen from the late-night circuit yet.

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