John Oliver, Keegan Michael-Key

Screengrab via LastWeek Tonight/YouTube

It’s a dangerous world out there, consumers.

Come for Last Week Tonight‘s harrowing look at the world of predatory auto loans, stay for Keegan-Michael Key’s side-splitting cameo as a greasy car salesman.

This week John Oliver sets his sights on those troubling, zero-down sales guys who brag to local markets about approving anyone for a loan. He details how market pressures are making these dudes more aggressive, and that high-interest lenders are actively seeking people who have filed for bankruptcy. 

In one particular stomach-churning anecdote, a 2003 Kia Optima was sold to more than four people who each subsequently defaulted on their subprime loan. It’s a vicious cycle choking thousands of Americans.

As Oliver notes, it’s like the subprime mortgage lending crisis of 2008, but with cars!

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