‘Tis the season for the new John Lewis Christmas ad—and it’s a doozy

Buster the Boxer in John Lewis holiday ad

Screengrab via John Lewis/YouTube

Jump for joy!

U.K. retailer John Lewis is here with the pick-me-up the world needs right now.

In this year’s holiday ad—each is almost like a live-action Pixar short—a young girl is about to get the present she’s dreamed of, just when some unexpected visitors decide they’d like a turn too.

As her faithful companion Buster the Boxer looks on, he’s at first enraged and confused by this ragtag band of Fantastic Mr. Fox extras taking advantage of his human’s new toy. But then, something clicks, and he pivots to inspiration instead.

May Buster and his little girl enjoy endless hours on their new trampoline, and then let’s get this duo to the 2020 Olympics.

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