Jimmy Fallon counts all the A-list celebs at the ‘SNL’ afterparty

It doesn’t take much for Jimmy Fallon’s inner fanboy to come out, but when you put him in a room with a bunch of talented comedians and musicians, it will no doubt appear.

On his first show after Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special, he spent a good chunk of the episode talking about the previous night. What starts off with a lot of name-dropping turns into the start of a crazy night once he and the other stars are put in a room with a bunch of instruments.

With the help of some liquid courage, he basically planned a setlist with some jabs and dares that easily tops the Grammys‘ ability to put two unlikely acts together and make it mesh. His performance with Taylor Swift and Sir Paul McCartney was only the beginning.

Like a Bill Murray sighting, it’s almost too insane to believe, but at least there’s proof.

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Screengrab via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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