K-pop star celebrates birthday by performing Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift covers

The former Girls' Generation member treated about 500 fans.

Feb 29, 2020, 8:30 am*



Sherry Tucci

For her 27th birthday, former K-pop idol Jessica Jung of Girls’ Generation held a birthday party with fans, where she covered songs from Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.

Approximately 500 fans attended the event, according to Korean news outlet Mwave. In similar fan-meet fashion, Jung addressed supporters directly with short speeches and read a personal letter she wrote. She also prepared videos and covers, which included Bieber’s “Love Yourself” and Swift’s “Love Story.” And of course there was cake, as no birthday party is complete without it.

Jung’s new company, Coridel Entertainment, also confirmed her solo album release for May—the first since leaving Girls’ Generation in September 2014 and SM Entertainment altogether in August. A statement in February said Jung would be releasing a solo album this year, but did not specify when.

The star left the then nine-member group as a result of constant scheduling conflicts between Girls’ Generation appearances and Jung’s personal business ventures. Although the details of Jung’s departure are still cloudy with controversial finger-pointing, she has seen considerable success as both an artist and businesswoman.

Jung has grown her fashion label Blanc & Eclare since launching in August 2014. Additionally she has made several appearances in both Korea and China on variety shows, once meeting up with former labelmate and Exo member, Wu Yifan. In December, Jung also recorded a cover of Sara Bareilles’s “Gravity.”


Screengrab via Tangooss/YouTube

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*First Published: Apr 18, 2016, 11:07 pm