Jon Stewart honors departing correspondent Jason Jones with a hilarious retrospective

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The Daily Show

He’s done a lot in his nearly 10-year stint on the show.

Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones said goodbye to the fake news desk Thursday night after announcing last month that he would be leaving the show to star in a TBS comedy.

Jones was initially ready for one last live shot behind the green screen until Stewart finally called him home. Instead of business as usual, Stewart honored Jones with a best-of video showcasing his tenure as the Daily Show’s resident beefcake. It was a touching reminder of all the raunchy things he did on the show.

Jones made headway as a correspondent who went out for the story, not just with the help of a green screen. He managed to make a lot of people uncomfortable, but he also taught us a lot about other parts of the world, and Stewart recognized that.

With Jones’ wife Samantha Bee departing along with Stewart later this year, we’re not going to be prepared for all of the goodbyes we’ll have to say.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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