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Another tragic loss for ‘The Voice’ family.

One week after Christina Grimmie was fatally shot during a meet and greet in Orlando, The Voice is facing another devastating loss.

The Voice Mexico star Jano Fuentes was reportedly shot and killed in Chicago on Saturday night. Fuentes was gunned down near his home as well as Tras Bambalinas, the performing arts school he had opened in Chicago’s Brighton Park neighborhood. He was celebrating his 45th birthday that evening.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a suspect had walked up to the car the singer was sitting in, pulled out a gun, and demanded he exit the vehicle. When Fuentes wouldn’t comply, he was reportedly shot. Fuentes succumbed to his injuries at 2:07am.

Fuentes rose to prominence after his 2011 La Voz appearance, dedicating his time to not only expressing his artistry but teaching and mentoring aspiring performers. A multi-talented creator, Fuentes had taught art at an elementary school, dance classes at Tras Bambalinas, and even staged musicals.

As of this writing, officials are still searching for the suspect who gunned down Fuentes.

H/T Chicago Tribune

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