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Watch Jane Krakowski’s failed ‘Peter Pan Live!’ audition

What a show it would’ve been.


Michelle Jaworski


We’re all gearing up for the hatewatch of the month (despite what Allison Williams says) when Peter Pan Live! debuts Thursday night. But oh what could have been.

NBC has said little about who else auditioned for the role of Peter Pan before Williams nabbed it, although if you take it from Funny or Die, 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski had a pretty memorable impression in the audition room in this NBC “leak.”

She embraces her Inner Jenna Maroney again and may have been going a lot darker than NBC wanted to go for—this version of Peter is addicted to pixie dust, has an insufferable accent, and needs applause to live again—but it’s certainly a side worth exploring. Peter Pan may be the boy who never grows up, but how does that affect him? And what does he look like when he’s no longer putting on that happy persona?

A parody it might be, but we’re really missing out here. We’ll feel it more than ever once the actual Peter Pan Live! airs Thursday.

Screengrab via Funny or Die

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