James Charles house address harassment

James Charles/YouTube

YouTube star James Charles feels ‘unsafe’ after home address leaks

'If you’re ringing my doorbell eight times every three minutes and hiding behind my garbage cans, I will call the police.'


Josh Katzowitz


Posted on Dec 17, 2018   Updated on May 20, 2021, 11:14 pm CDT

If you’re a James Charles fan and you show up at his house uninvited, he’s probably not going to invite you inside or engage with you in the way you might expect. Instead, the YouTube star is probably going to call the cops.

Charles, a 19-year-old makeup and beauty vlogger who has 11.4 million subscribers, said as much on Twitter after his home address apparently leaked online.

“Please stop showing up at my house,” Charles wrote. “I will not hug you, I will not take a photo with you, and I absolutely will not sign your palette. It is extremely disrespectful & makes me feel very unsafe in my own home. Respect people’s privacy, it’s really not that hard.”

Charles also wrote on Sunday that the curious fans were interrupting his filming schedule.


As We the Unicorns notes, Charles moved into his Los Angeles home in September and gave his fans a tour of his new dwelling on his channel. That video currently has 5.4 million views, but he didn’t show what the house’s exterior looks like—in the video description, he also said that after moving out of his downtown apartment, he would no longer have to worry about “scary people at night.”

On Snapchat, Charles said the fan harassment has been an issue for a while, and he wanted to reiterate that he doesn’t want his fans showing up unannounced. Otherwise, he’s going to summon the authorities.

“If you’re ringing my doorbell eight times every three minutes and hiding behind my garbage cans, I will call the police,” he said. “That is literally harassment.”

Charles also said he couldn’t understand how the parents of these apparently young fans would allow them to visit his house—or, even worse, to drive their kids to his home themselves.

“This is my home. If I see you in public, I would love to give you a hug, I would love to take a selfie with you, I would love to thank you for your support for me,” he said. “I would love to sign your palette if you happen to have it or your sister apparel hoodie, or send a video to your friend. But NOT on my front porch. Please leave me in peace. Please leave my family in peace and respect people’s privacy.”

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*First Published: Dec 17, 2018, 12:28 pm CST